Difference Between Cleanser and Face wash

Differnce between cleanser and face wash

Difference Between Cleanser and Face wash

I get lots of question about cleanser and face-wash, what to use when to use so here are the major difference between cleanser and face-wash.

Both cleanser and face-wash are used to remove to remove dirt, oil, pollution, makeup from your face. Cleanser dissolves away excess oil, makeup and built up from you skin more than a facewash would. Facewash is recommended for someone having oily, acne prone skin and cleanser are those with dry skin type. If you are someone who wears a makeup daily I would recommend you using both cleanser and face-wash together. Double cleansing your face is really important if you use makeup!

For someone who use makeup daily, first remove your makeup with makeup remover. Then use some cleanser and massage it to your face about 3-5 minutes then take a wet wipe and clean your face. After that you can use facewash to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed follow up with toner and moisturizer.

If you do not use makeup daily you can just use a mild facewash according to your skin type then use a toner and a moisturizer. You can use cleanser once or twice a week. The most important skin care regime is to make sure your skin is clean at all time.


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