3 Skincare habits that can transform your skin

skincare habits to follow

3 Skincare habits that can transform your skin

Despite using expensive skincare products, sometimes the desired results are not achieved. However, there are three skincare habits that I have personally adopted for a month, and they have truly transformed my skin. The best part is that they won’t cost you any money; they are completely free.

Follow 3 skincare habits for alt least a month to find positive difference on your skin:

1. Using Separate Towel for face and body:

It is essential to use different towels for your body and face, opt for a soft microfiber towel or a disposable paper towel specifically for your face. If you choose a microfiber towel, ensure it is washed every other day to maintain cleanliness. Face towels can harbor more dirt and collect germs and bacteria if not adequately cared for or cleaned. After washing, it is beneficial to sun dry your face towel. Incorporating a personal, sanitized face towel can significantly improve the condition of your skin.

2. Using Filtered Water to wash your face:

Water is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in skincare. In Nepal, the predominant source of water, whether from wells or deep boreholes, is typically hard water containing high levels of iron and other minerals that can trigger skin sensitivity. It is essential for individuals with sensitive skin to wash their face with filtered water. Consider keeping a bottle of mineral water or water obtained from an RO filter in your bathroom specifically for face cleansing. Incorporating this practice along with your cleanser or face wash can lead to noticeable improvement in your skin.

3. Facial Massage (With Hand)

skincare habits that can transform your skin

Incorporating facial massage into our skincare routine is a beneficial habit, and it doesn’t require expensive rollers or specialized tools. Clean hands are sufficient for the massage. You can gently massage your face while applying cleanser or during the application of moisturizer or facial oil. Various massage techniques can be found on YouTube. Just a 2 to 5-minute daily facial massage can make a significant difference. The gentle massage of your skin with skincare products offers several advantages. It aids in better product absorption, improves blood circulation, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

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