5% Niacinamide Daily Face Serum with Alpha Arbutin & Multivitamin


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5% Niacinamide Daily Face Serum with Alpha Arbutin & Multivitamin- 30ml

What is love? It’s clear and spotless skin with our 5% Niacinamide Daily Face Serum that strengthens the skin’s barrier, improves texture, and fights discoloration. Packed with the power of Alpha Arbutin, this serum fades pigmentation caused by sun exposure or acne inflammation. It works by inhibiting melanin production and giving clear & spotless skin with regular application. Did we tell you about cell renewal and rejuvenation of this serum? All thanks to the multivitamins that make this serum a must-have in your skincare regimen. The best part – it’s even fragrance-free! We’ve saved the best for the last – this serum is powered with penetration booster that helps the serum to deeply penetrate into the skin, making it super effective even with a lower percentage of Niacinamide


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