WORST Skin habits

WORST Skin habits

1. Picking Acne/Touching Face

Picking acne and touching your face we tend to do it so often, I use to do it too but it is really bad for skin. Picking and popping acne causes acne scars, It pushes the puss out and pushes bacteria deep down it makes the inflammation worst causing more breakouts. Some people have habits of constantly touching face our hands contains millions of bacterial as touch so many things this transfer bacteria to your face too leading more skin problems.

2. Over washing face

When we wash our face too often the skin dries up and sebaceous gland your skin secrets more oils this makes situation worse. It is recommended to wash your face twice a day morning and at night before going to bed.

3. Too Many Use of chemical products

Have you ever read the ingredient list of your skin care products? It is sad to know that many skin care common items that we find in our market are loaded with harsh chemicals, alcohol, mineral oil, parabans, sulfate and even cancer causing chemicals too! Using these products might damage your skin in long run you cannot see the damage instantly but surely in near future. It is always recommended to use natural products that are free from toxins and chemicals

4. Using too many products/ Too much of products

There are so many products these days in market and advertisement looks so promising that we want to try all of them.  Keep your products simple and minimalistic. Make an easy and simple skin care routine that saves your time and money. Also applying heaps of products does not help! Always keep in mind that less is more.

5. Not washing fabric

It is important to wash the fabrics that comes in contact to our face. Wash the fabric that comes near to your face like towel, pillow cover, and bed sheet.

6. Not visiting dermatologist

If you are suffering from a skin issues please go visit a skin specialist. Just skipping from one product to another is not helpful. Dermatologist can know your skin condition give you proper medication accordingly.





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