60 seconds rule to wash your face

60 seconds rule to wash your face

The right way to wash your face! Are you washing your face right?

Have you guys heard of 60 seconds skin washing rules? I bumped over a YouTube video few months back where the youtuber was talking about the proper way of washing face. She explained that it is really important to give the product 1-minute time to work. So as per her instruction I start doing 60 seconds face washing rule.

  • I do not lather facewash on my hands rather, I take some product and apply directly on my face
  • Then slowly start massaging my face
  • When facewash becomes tacky, I wet my fingers and again start massaging my face focusing the areas where it gets more oily and acnes
  • I make sure that I massage through my hair lines edges of nose and under the chin
  • After a minute I rinse my face.
  • Following up with the toner and moisturizer

This method has help me clear the little bumps in my chin and forehead areas. It’s been 3 months that I am doing this and my face feels really clean, soft and glowing.

 We often wash our face so quickly; we are not giving time to product to do its job. This method helps to soften the skin, clean out pores, and clean off all the pollution, makeup, and sweat from the day.

It is really important to give some time to the products to work, also following this method helps in not missing any part of our face. Massaging the face increases blood flow in our face which will gives us natural blushing cheeks too.

I get lots of messages about skin problems, mainly acne related problems where people say that the products that have so many good reviews are not working for them. Most people wash their face for like 15 seconds max(I used to do that too), this is why we do not get the good results. Specially people with acne prone skin have to follow this rule.

Please follow this rule with cleanser or cleansing balm/ointment and do share your thoughts on this.

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