The Ordinary Alpha Arburtin


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A water-based serum, Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA is intended to treat uneven skin tone and significantly reduce pigmentation. It mixes hyaluronic acid with a highly concentrated purified form of the well-known skin-brightening component alpha arbutin. For the treatment of dark spots and uneven skin tone, use purified alpha-arbutin. Hyaluronic acid, meantime, aids in the support of product absorption into the skin.

Note: If the formulation’s pH is off, alpha arbutin is very susceptible to breakdown in the presence of water. It has been established that the pH of this formula is the one that will least speed up Alpha Arbutin’s disintegration.

We are aware that the color of our Alpha Arbutin product may change in the future. This is a normal phenomenon where certain product constituents might change color when exposed to heat or sunshine. The active ingredient’s efficacy and safety profile have been demonstrated through testing to be stable.


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