Green tea oily skin revival set


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Time to Say “Begone!” to Oily Skin!

Having trouble sticking to a daily and weekly regime? No more, because this bundle has everything you need for the road to healthy skin. All the products are full of goodness like our favorite green tea extracts, that will hydrate your skin and get rid of acne without any extra effort on your part!

At this special price, you get:

  • Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash (75 ml): Cleanse your face the right way with this ultra-effective cleansing face wash. This mild cleansing formula is loaded with green tea extracts, glycolic acid and natural cellulose beads that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean! Click here for product details and reviews.
  • Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner (200 ml ): Clear, even-toned skin has never been this easy to achieve, all thanks to this alcohol-free toner! This gentle yet effective product will help shrink enlarged pores and firm up your skin. Isn’t that tone-derful? Click here for product details & reviews.
  • Green Tea Clear Face Mask (60 g): Perfect for weekly self care sessions! The natural clays in this mask absorb excess oil and gently exfoliate your skin, so you’re left with a naturally fresh, cleared up complexion instantly! Click here for product details & reviews.
  • Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel (50 ml ): You can finally sleep well at night knowing that an award winner is hard at work to ensure that you wake up with refreshed, non-greasy skin. The renewed clarity night gel is the perfect night-time nourishment and hydration for your skin, as its light, non-sticky and pillow proof formula will hydrate your skin the right way. Click here for product details & reviews.

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