Dr.jk 4 Vita-C Collagen Sunscreen Cream



Containing vitamin C and collagen, Dr. JK-4 Collagen Sunscreen Cream provides whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV ray blocking including UVA and UVB. Even when the skin is exposed to strong sunlight, it prevents skin aging by strengthening the skin barrier.

A highly gentle and non-sticky sunscreen lotion for the face and body that defends against powerful UV rays which cause sunburn, cell damage, dryness, roughness, and premature signs of aging such as fine lines.
It restores essential moisture so skin retains the appearance of youthful substance, firmness, and radiance as if signs of aging are visibly repaired. Ingredients provide a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to retain water.
This extra-smooth, sheer lotion keeps skin radiantly healthy and protected every day.
In addition, it is excellent to use for all skin types, tones, and genders including babies.
Skin is left looking youthful, soft, clear, and healthy.


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