Castor Oil


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Skin type: All skin types and hair

About the product

A vegetable oil with powerful therapeutic properties, derived from the beans of the castor plant. When combined with essential oils, it is ideal for massages. For centuries it has been used for its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties for the skin. It is effective in relieving you from pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Use this for scalp massage to give your hair a lustrous shine. It is an ideal natural skin tonic to keep your skin soft, supple and beautiful.


  • Gives shine and lustre to hair
  • Makes skin moisturised and supple
  • Good for body massages and arthritis

How much to use

Quantity can be taken according to the method of application

How to use

Use oil for massage or add a tablespoon in your bath water | Mix with your choice of pure essential oil for face and body massage.

*Cautions: Those with nut allergies should not apply or use.


  • Seeds of castor plant


  • Use the oil for body massages
  • Use the oil for head massages
  • Mix the oil with an essential oil for compressions

Impression on life

Body oils are essential in keeping the body hydrated in every season. Simple healing of skin and keeping the natural glow, body oils helps in maintain the pH level of the body. Moisturising is a part of the daily care regime including cleansing, toning, oiling and moisturising. Body oils are all natural oils extracted from the plant body and do not include any chemical ingredients.


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